Music composing is one of the most lucrative jobs in the world. And with the advent of Electronic Dance Music, there has been a serious upsurge in the need for a good music editing software. This is where Ableton Live comes in, a pioneer in the field of music editing software. The first-hand choice of many professional music composers and DJ’s from all around the world, Ableton live has managed to find praises.

The new Ableton Live 9 v9.7 only takes this leap above its competitors further. This software is designed for creating musical ideas, turning them into finished songs or even to take them onto the stage. It gives you complete freedom to play with the notes and songs the way you wish to so that you are able to create a masterpiece. With its game-changing Session View, this is a novel sketchpad for playing, performing with musical ideas, without the restrictions of a timeline.

Ableton live 9

Some features of Ableton Live v9.7 worth mentioning:

  • A bundle of innovative effects. With 34 different audio effects loaded, Ableton Live is sure to impress you. What’s more? You can improve your music quality with 7 different MIDI effects.
  • Quicker rendering process. The new version has an improved rendering to let you save your music file without compromising with the music quality.
  • A dual monitor option. Now session monitoring and editing your work will go hand in hand with this innovative feature.
  • Combining tracks automatically. You need not worry about combining loops and track by yourself, the software will do it for you.
  • A wide range of musical instruments to try. From Drum racks to Samplers and many more instruments now at your disposal.
  • An integrated browser. The software now comes with its now integrated browser to assist you with searching the internet for ideas. It allows you to find any effects, music notes, samples, and various other details needed for music composing in the Live server swiftly.
  • Studio effects. Various essential effects include EW, Reverb, Chorus and filter.

What’s “New” in the new Ableton Live v9.7?

  • Upgraded the Live manual and additional lessons and info texts.
  • A new “Arrangement View” allows you develop the mixes of track you prefer.
  • Plug-and-Play supported with almost every hardware controller.
  • The ‘Link’ icon on its primary interface now acts like a button, to toggle the Link feature on or off.
  • The ‘EXT’ button is no more hidden when the ‘Link’ button shows.
  • The response time of the Tuner has been significantly improved.

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